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Visit Portugal in March

Pena Palace in Sintra, Portugal
Pena Palace Sintra

Visit Portugal in March is ideal as spring arrives, making it perfect for those looking to avoid both the intense cold of winter and the excessive heat of summer.

During this month, temperatures in Portugal fluctuate between a pleasant 10º and 15ºC (50º and 59ºF), creating ideal conditions to explore cities and landscapes without the concern of rain or the excessive summer heat. Visit Portugal in March also means enjoying milder weather, benefiting from a period with fewer tourists. This decrease in crowds results in more affordable accommodation and services, as well as significantly shorter lines at major monuments and museums, allowing for a more peaceful and enriching experience.

March is also a month full of life and color, with flowers beginning to bloom, painting the natural scenery with vibrant hues and providing breathtaking landscapes. This renewal of nature invites long walks through parks, gardens, and rural areas, where one can appreciate the serene beauty of the country.

Culturally, March is a rich period in events and festivities. From local fairs to traditional celebrations, visitors have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in authentic Portuguese culture, experiencing its traditions, cuisine, and warm hospitality.

To make your stay even more memorable, by booking your Tours during the month of March, you will benefit from an exclusive 15% discount. Make your reservation directly on our website with the code "March" for the discount to be automatically applied.

Alternatively, you can also book through our email or WhatsApp:

We eagerly await your visit to share the wonders of Portugal with you. See you soon!

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